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SWS - Moon Chong-Sin
Supreme Wrestling Syndicate – Moon Chong-Sin
Height: 5' 11”
Weight: 330 lbs.
Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
Nickname: Saiko no Tora (Greatest Tiger)
Alignment: Heel
A former sumo wrestler whose unique combination of strength, speed and cunning earned him the nickname “Saiko no Tora.” He was destined for greatness until he was eventually dismissed from competition for an out of the ring incident. Bitter and frustrated, but still burning with the desire to fight, he now enters the squared circle in hopes of both venting his frustrations and proving his dominance.
Special Attacks:
Sumo Flurry – Chong delivers a rapid fire flurry of sumo hand strikes to an opponent similar to E. Honda's Hundred Hand Slap in “Street Fighter 2.”
Sumo Stomp – Chong lifts his foot high and brings it down in a devastating stomp to a downed opponent, which can also create a tidal wave that will affect a nearby standing opponent.
Sumo Clap
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Colt Winchester - SWS by MetalHarbinger084 Colt Winchester - SWS :iconmetalharbinger084:MetalHarbinger084 0 4 Sgt. 'Iron' Hyde - SWS by MetalHarbinger084 Sgt. 'Iron' Hyde - SWS :iconmetalharbinger084:MetalHarbinger084 0 2 Sasori - SWS by MetalHarbinger084 Sasori - SWS :iconmetalharbinger084:MetalHarbinger084 1 0 Brad Osbourne - SWS by MetalHarbinger084 Brad Osbourne - SWS :iconmetalharbinger084:MetalHarbinger084 0 2 Moon Chong-Sin - SWS by MetalHarbinger084 Moon Chong-Sin - SWS :iconmetalharbinger084:MetalHarbinger084 0 0 Jack Baker vs. Walter Sullivan by MetalHarbinger084 Jack Baker vs. Walter Sullivan :iconmetalharbinger084:MetalHarbinger084 0 1
SWS - Alexei Korolenko
Supreme Wrestling Syndicate – Alexei Korolenko
Height: 6' 8”
Weight: 320 lbs.
Hometown: Moscow, Russia
Nickname: The Human Battleship
Alignment: Face
A proud Russian powerhouse who was a much decorated champion back in his homeland. After initially coming to the 'States to rescue his teenaged daughter from a human trafficking ring, he decided to stay behind and challenge the many contenders in this new land.
Special Attacks:
Atomic Leg Drop – Alexei leaps high into the air and falls back to the ground at a rapid pace with a mighty leg drop.
Spinning Axe – Alexei clasps his hands together and spins around at a rapid speed.
Blitz Tackle – Alexei launches himself forward at a rapid speed, eventually twirling his entire body as he connects with his opponent.
Power Slide – Alexei ducks low and delivers a baseball slide to his opponent that can cross the whole expanse of the ring.
Ultra Slam:
Giant Breaker – Alexei li
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SWS - Pierre Michel
Supreme Wrestling Syndicate – Michel Pierre
Height: 6' 1”
Weight: 228 lbs.
Hometown: Paris, France
Nickname: The Technical Emperor
Alignment: Heel
Once an Olympic hopeful who was slated to represent his native France in the forthcoming Summer Olympics, Michel was dismissed under dubious circumstances. With nothing else to do, he opted to try his hand at professional wrestling. A cocky, arrogant, and slightly delusional individual, he is nonetheless a top performer noted for his mastery on the mat, but just don't mention his past scandal or else he will immediately fly into an uncontrollable rage like a switch.
Special Attacks:
Directional Change – Michel uses his mat wrestling expertise to grab his opponent's legs and forcefully spin them around so their back is to him, leaving them vulnerable to attacks.
Loire Crossing – Michel voluntarily lowers his guard and allows his opponent to strike him, yet as he takes damage he suddenly rears
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Mikey by MetalHarbinger084 Mikey :iconmetalharbinger084:MetalHarbinger084 3 4
SWS - Patrick O'Malley
Supreme Wrestling Syndicate – Patrick O'Malley
Height: 5' 10”
Weight: 275 lbs.
Hometown: Dublin, Ireland
Nickname: The Irish Strongman
Alignment: Face
A grizzled veteran known for his amazing strength and his all-around jovial nature who was a multi-time champion back in his younger years, but then eventually retired and settled down to start a family and open a successful pub in his native Dublin. Missing the action in the wrestling ring he makes his comeback twelve years later at his family's insistence, hoping for one last shot at glory.
Special Attacks:
Celtic Hammer – Patrick delivers a high speed double axe handle strike followed by a trail of glowing green energy.
Shamrock Smash – Patrick delivers a rising axe handle smash with anti-air capabilities.
Unlucky Break – Patrick leaps forward and comes down on his opponent with a glowing green chop to their skull.
Emerald Barrier – Patrick delivers a glowing green back han
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Alexei Korolenko - SWS by MetalHarbinger084 Alexei Korolenko - SWS :iconmetalharbinger084:MetalHarbinger084 2 2 Michel Pierre - SWS by MetalHarbinger084 Michel Pierre - SWS :iconmetalharbinger084:MetalHarbinger084 1 2
SWS - Romeo Luciano
Supreme Wrestling Syndicate – Romeo Luciano
Height: 6' 3”
Weight: 230 lbs.
Hometown: Naples, Italy
Nickname: The Ultra Macho Lady Killer
Alignment: Heel
A handsome, swaggering aristocrat who is always known for his charm with the ladies, often resulting in him having to fight off jealous boyfriends and husbands. Bored with the easy life of luxury, Romeo enters the world of professional wrestling after several other failed thrill seeking pursuits, finding it to be anything but routine, and also a great way to show off his superiority to the foxy ladies.
Special Attacks:
Heart Breaker – Romeo delivers a high speed super kick to his opponent's chest.
Deadly Rose – Romeo launches a rose at his opponent as a projectile.
Rose's Thorn – Romeo delivers a flurry of rapid fire sharpened strikes at his opponent.
Unprettier – Romeo executes an anti-air flip kick.
Ultra Slam:
End of Heartache – Romeo leaps into the air and d
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SWS - Kenji Takashi
Supreme Wrestling Syndicate – Kenji Takashi
Height: 5' 10”
Weight: 205 lbs.
Hometown: Kyoto, Japan
Nickname: The Last Dragon
Alignment: Face
A martial artist trained in various disciplines who entertains the crowds with his eclectic fighting style, making fans feel as if they are witnessing a martial arts movie come to life. Physically hardened by his time as a Hollywood stuntman, Kenji is known for taking high risks to come out on top. He also has a friendly rivalry with El Aguila Imperial, whose flashy wrestling style and background in movies are similar to his own.
Special Attacks:
Cyclone Kick – Kenji slightly levitates off the ground and spins in place with his leg extended, similar to Ryu and Ken's Hurricane Kick.
Dragon Wave – Kenji swings his fist in a circular motion with his arm surrounded by a glowing green aura, topped off by the shape of a dragon's head.
Dragon Bite – Kenji delivers a high impact palm strike with his
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Patrick O'Malley - SWS by MetalHarbinger084 Patrick O'Malley - SWS :iconmetalharbinger084:MetalHarbinger084 0 2


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I've finally gotten my laptop back after having it away for a few days to be looked at and now that I'm back on here full-time I can start working on more projects to post on here.

I've already started on my "Supreme Wrestling Syndicate: Carnival of Champions" idea, which is a wrestling game that incorporates elements inspired by classic 2-D fighting games and now I can reveal more ideas.

Again, I stress that these are only IDEAS and that nothing is set in stone.

1.) Path of Destruction - This is an idea I've already got some character designs up for, but this would be my play on the side-scrolling beat 'em up craze of the 90's that produced classics like "Final Fight," "Streets of Rage," "Double Dragon," and "River City Ransom," as well as the largely ignored "Violent Storm" by Konami that came out towards the tail end of the craze.

2.) Fists of Destiny - This is my take on 2-D fighting games like the "Street Fighter" and "King of Fighters" series.

3.) A darker fighting game idea inspired by the "Mortal Kombat" and "Killer Instinct" series where you can actually perform fatalities on your opponents, stage hazards, and a "hara-kiri" type move seen in MK6.

4.) Akuma no Guntai (Army of the Devil) - A fighting game set in the late 19th-century, drawing influence from games like "Martial Masters" and "Breakers," which were set around the same time or slightly later.

5.) A fighting game featuring warriors from throughout history. I know this idea has been done by some other Deviants on here, but I have considered trying my own angle.

6.) A 2-D weapons-based fighter inspired by the "Savage Reign" and "Kizuna Encounter" games by SNK, but I'm iffy on that one at the moment.

Again, these are just strictly ideas so I don't know what will come of some of them in the end.
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