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Rated “Teen” for violence and language.

The trailer begins where we are taken to a dilapidated back alley in an unnamed city on a dark night with the sounds of traffic heard in the background.

The cawing of a crow suddenly takes us to a heavily boarded up building covered in graffiti and bullet holes. Among all the vandalism a lone, tattered poster flutters in the blowing wind. A strong breeze briefly flattens the paper and its title is visible for all:


Nearby footsteps are heard and some rats scatter in different directions as a lone figure steps into view, clenching a fist that is soon engulfed in flames. The camera pans up until we are met by a red-headed man in a black leather jacket, who simply smirks at the camera. White stenciled text introduces him as “DANNY McSHANE.”

A loud clatter resounds as an empty soda can is kicked across the pavement and another figure steps into view, a Japanese man with brown shoulder-length hair and blond highlights. He looks to the red-headed man and a scowl crosses his features. White text introduces him as “YUJIRO TAKIMOTO.”

“Slaughter of the Soul” by At the Gates suddenly starts up as Danny waves his arm and launches a projectile at his enemy. Yujiro pulls out the chain clipped to his belt and shoots it outward to negate the projectile before flames surround his right fist and he leaps into the air at Danny, who in turn launches himself into the air with a flaming turn kick. Both men collide in a flash of light.

The next scene takes us to an arena where a Mexican boxer bobs and weaves his way around a flurry of kicks, knees and elbow strikes thrown at him. The white text reveals him as “ARTURO RIVAS.”

The boxer responds with a rapid fire barrage of his own punches while his opponent now goes on the defensive, a pale-skinned kickboxer with icy blue hair. He is introduced as “J.R. SAMSON.”

Both men engage in a back and forth struggle which sees J.R. launching himself forward with his knee engulfed in an icy aura, while Arturo answers with a rising uppercut that sees both men clash in a small explosion that flings both men backwards. Just as they rise back to their feet intent upon resuming their conflict, the entire room is rocked and the camera pans over to see a massive figure knocking the scaffolding over.

The large man shoots his arms out with a mighty roar, revealing himself to be wearing a red Luchador-type mask with a golden 'A' in the center. He is “MR. ARMAGEDDON.”

Arturo and J.R. return to their feet ready to fight the big man as he comes charging to the ring.

The scene then changes to a back alley basketball court, where a young man in a green and gold basketball outfit dazzles the onlookers with his acrobatic mastery as he effortlessly bounces the ball off a nearby brick wall and sends it flying all the way across the court and scores a seemingly impossible 3 pointer. He is introduced with a broad grin to the camera as “BOBBY NOGUEIRA.”

Bobby's display is suddenly cut short by a trio of blades becoming embedded in the pavement just inches away from his feet.

He looks up to see a shadowy figure slithering about on the fire escape above before it gracefully back flips down and lands in a low position on the ground before him, revealed as a shapely, heavily-tattooed masked woman in a provocative outfit with a crimson Mohawk. She is introduced as “ARANA CARMESI” before launching another trio of blades in his direction.

Bobby is undeterred and launches his basketball at her, which takes up the entire screen before we are taken to a new locale in the next shot, a dock where several shady figures are conducting an illegal weapons transaction. Their activities are thwarted as an attractive brunette woman leaps into view and wraps her legs around a criminal's neck, dropping him with a hurricanrana. She then rises to her feet and drops several more thugs with a barrage of rapid fire punches and kicks. Looking to the camera with a determined gaze, she is introduced as “EVA GOLDMAN.”

She is shown to be looking an a large, heavily-armored man carrying a HUGE Gatling gun that is in the process of warming up. The madman's murderous intentions are halted by a wave of sonic energy knocking him into the water. She looks over to find a brown-haired man in military garb shooting her a flirtatious gaze. He is revealed as “MATT CUTTER.”

The duo looks over to a nearby freighter where the sounds of battle call out and the scene cuts to a middle-aged man armed with two tonfas fighting off several criminals at once. He uses one of his tonfas to trip up a thug before using the other to slide it through one of the belts on the hoodlum's uniform and send him flying over the nearby railing and into the water below. Without warning he then spins himself around with both tonfas extended and manages to drop several of the thugs before the camera closes in on the badge pinned to his white button-up dress shirt. He smirks to the camera and is introduced as “WILL MADDOX.”

We are then taken to a Japanese restaurant, where a large man with a Fu Manchu-style mustache is shown sitting at the bar scarfing down a bowl of soba noodles, several empty dishes already surrounding him. He lets out a loud belch before being introduced as “TOMOR KHUN.”

There is a crash nearby as a waiter is thrown through a nearby paper wall and a muscular, heavily-tattooed African-American with his hair shaved into a neon green tri-hawk pushes his way through several frightened onlookers and makes his way to the bar, where he hoists the clerk up by the collar with one hand and draws the other back ready to strike. He is introduced as “KNUX.”

Unwilling to see an innocent bystander pushed around, Tomor tosses his dish aside and rises to his feet in a fighting stance, while Knux tosses the smaller clerk aside and cracks his knuckles, prompting both men to rush each other in a flurry of punches and slaps.

The whole time a long-haired Chinese man watches the conflict taking place almost absent-mindedly while chowing down on some dumplings before washing them down with some sake. Unbeknownst to him, the macaque at his side manages to swipe up a dumpling. However, their meal is interrupted by the loud strumming of a guitar and they look over to find a heavily-tattooed bearded man with his blond hair shaved into a Mohawk practicing a complicated guitar solo.

Annoyed by the intrusion, the Chinese man tosses his bowl at the guitarist, who grunts loudly and looks over to face his assailant. Growling in anger he overturns his table and rises to his feet, showing off his impressive height before raising his V-shaped guitar ready for a fight. The giant is introduced as “MAGNUS HAAKONSON.”

The Chinese man only scoffs and takes another long swig from his sake bottle before wobbling around in a drunken Kung Fu fighting stance. He winks to the camera before being introduced as “WONG LU” and then rolls towards his opponent, followed closely by his pet macaque, barely avoiding a swing from Magnus' guitar.

Elsewhere a woman in an elaborate feathered costume dances on stage, mesmerizing the audience with her grace and fluid movements. Under the lights her green eyes take on an almost unnnatural hue beneath her mask as she is introduced as “VIOLETTE ST. PIERRE.”

A loud commotion comes from the audience as a drunken Australian man begins whistling and trying to make his way towards the stage, pulling out a razor sharpened boomerang to ward off any security guards trying to get in his way. Violette takes note of his intrusion and with a wave of her arm launches three feathers from her costume at the man like darts, yet he tosses his boomerang and manages to slice through the projectiles before she is forced to duck.

Violette rises to her feet unharmed, yet becomes agitated when she finds part of her costume damaged by the attack as the man's boomerang returns to his hand. The Australian only chuckles before lighting up the cigarette tucked between his lips and tips his hat to her, revealing himself as “ZEKE DASHWOOD.”

Not too far away another confrontation is brewing as a young Korean man wearing a blue hachimaki barely dodges a slot machine being tossed at him, the machine surrounded by a glowing green telekinetic aura. He then looks up to see the culprit, a bald man with a large green jewel hanging around his neck and a matching third eye glowing in the center of his forehead. The mystic is revealed as “KHAMUN FAROUK.”

The Korean is undeterred by the mystic's tricks and twirls his body while raising his heel high above his head and it becomes surrounded by an aura of lightning as he prepares to launch himself forward, but not before he is revealed as “HWAN JAE SAN.”

We are then taken to a posh part of town where an attractive, nicely dressed young brunette looks out from a bistro overlooking the battle ravaged docks. She is sipping from an espresso when a large man attempts to make the moves on her and gets a little too aggressive, which results in her delivering a rapid fire combo of punches to the man's abdomen before delivering the final blow that sends him flying backwards, only for him to be knocked even higher into the air as he collides with the foot of an Asian woman in a conical hat.

The two women look to each other and enter their fighting stances and the screen freeze in a split screen view, the brunette woman being introduced as “SAMANTHA WILDER” and her opponent as “TRUNG LOC.”

Meanwhile, a dark-haired man in a black suit overlooks the city from his penthouse. A white pennant hangs in the background with the silhouette of a striking black bird.

A smirk crosses the man's features as he looks over to a bare-chested man standing before him, numerous scars covering his torso, including a prominent scar that crosses over his right eye. The man's good eye opens and he bares his teeth in anticipation. He is “ALEKSANDR RAIKOV.”

The suited man pushes a button and speaks into his intercom, “Kyla, ready the invitations at once.”

He then takes a seat at his desk and gives us all an evil smirk.

“It begins again.”

The scene then changes back to the alley where Danny and Yujiro are engaged in a back and forth struggle, throwing punches and kicks at each other which they manage to either block, dodge or jump away from. Eventually Yujiro waves his arm and launches a projectile of his own, mimicking Danny's attack from earlier, while crying out “SOUL CUTTER!!!”

Danny is struck head on by the projectile and sent flying backwards against a brick wall.

“What the hell?” he huffs out while looking up with a pained look on his face.

Gritting his teeth in anger he punches the ground and summons his energy before letting out a loud shout.

A rapid fire montage of all the fighters' pictures flashes across the screen, followed by a shot of Killian standing in the foreground with Raikov looking on from the background.

Danny raises his burning fist into the air and brings it down onto the camera and in another flash of light the game's logo appears for “FISTS OF DESTINY.”


(The screen fades to blade and we are shown the logos for PS4, XBOX One, and Steam logos.)

The camera then cuts to an additional scene where a muscular African-American wearing red MMA gloves and a blue workout shirt with “COMBO GYM” cracks his neck into place before assuming a fighting stance.

He is followed by a man of Native American descent in a red beanie with his hands surrounded by a smoky aura.

Next we cut to a golden-haired woman lowering her sunglasses to reveal purple eyes underneath. She smirks and shows off her golden gauntlets.

The image of the three warriors standing together shatters like glass and a glowing red “Ten” symbol flashes across the screen, followed by some violent gusts of wind and then once again there is darkness.

(Pre-Order now and get the following exclusive characters: T.J. Combo from “Killer Instinct” for XBOX One users, Delsin Rowe from “InFamous: Second Son” for PS4, Yang Xiao Long from “RWBY” for Steam, and Akuma from “Street Fighter” for all systems.)
  • Listening to: "Slaughter of the Soul" by At The Gates


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